The Hebrew Woman

The Hebrew sisters must be committed to their husbands as committed to the Messiah. The Hebrew sisters must be subject to their husbands just as they are subject to the Messiah: Eph. 5:22,24.
They are to treat their husband just as they are to treat the Messiah. If they are slack toward obeying the Messiah so will they be slack toward obeying their husbands. Remember verse 22 says, as unto the Messiah. If they complain about the way is too hard to walk in the Messiah’s foot steps then, it will be too hard to walk in the way pleasing to the husband. Like it or not this is the word of Yahweh.

Our Creator made the woman to be ruled or led by the husband: Gen. 3:16. If she feels that the husband is leading wrongfully or is ruling unwisely then she should pray for him and seek counsel: Prov. 11:14 not war with him or argue with him or be clamorous: Prov. 9:13. Being loud or full of noise doesn’t help the situation at “all”.

For a Hebrew sister to be a help to her husband even in disagreeable times, she must have her life pleasing to Yahweh in order to be the kind of helper Yahweh requires her to be toward her husband. Her first commitment is to the Messiah. Her humbleness and her fear begins toward Yahweh and spreads towards her husband.

The Hebrew sisters must be holy and without blame before Yahweh in love so is this requirement for the assembly and among the sinners. The Hebrew sisters that are not married must be of great concern for the things of the Father and how they are to be both holy in body and spirit [heart, mind]: 1 Cor. 7:34.

The Hebrew sisters must be prayerful and thirsty for righteousness seeing how this world has a strong attraction to the eyes and the mind. The sisters must not be ignorant of the Satan’s [worldly] devices. Last but not the least, obey them that have the rule over you: Heb. 13:17. Almost all Black American sisters are Hebrews. They just don’t know it.



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