Our Vision

Our Vision (Y’srael of Yah) is to, in every way that pleases Yah, seek the Kingdom of YHWH set upon this soon to burn and then renewed earth, together, Hebrews standing as heirs of Yah’s kingdom, ruling as King's and Priest!

Our Mission

Our Mission, as a body of Born-Again Believers (Y’srael of Yah), is to, as we are led by the Ruahk Ha Kodesh, with loving arms, seek and reach out to the lost sheep of the House of Y’srael and to bring others, all those, small and great, who fear YHWH, His Son, Yahshua, thee Anointed One, to this your Holy Temple to hear the word of truth, and history from thee history book – The Scriptures.

Our Moreh (Leader)


About 11 years ago, Yah visited Elder Sylvester Alan Norman, III in his sleep and commissioned him to start a church, a church with the given name of Shekinah Glory, which means the very presence of Yah. Elder Norman wrestled within himself over the commission Yah had given him. He denied it because of what people said to him, but when you look at St. Luke 9:61-62…Yah, I will follow thee, but let me first go bid them farewell, which are at home at my house. Yahshua said unto him, No man having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of Yah. Yah was yet dealing with Elder Norman until, after many sleepless nights, he finally accepted the call. It was then that he started having bible study in his home with his family, for the bible says in 1 Timothy 3:4 One that ruleth well his own house, … Then he went to an apartment club house on Wednesday nights. Then there came a day in 1998 when Yah told Elder Norman to come out from under the wings of his mother church, Tabernacle of Faith COGIC, take up his and establish Shekinah Glory COGIC (St. Matthew 10:37-38).

Our first service was held on November 15, 1998. In 2003, Yah turned this ministry into a new direction giving us an eye opening experience into His Holy Sabbath as commanded in the TEN COMMANDMENTS. As of March 22, 2003 we have been observing the Sabbath and our church services have moved to Saturday the Sabbath. On June 28, 2003, Shekinah glory was rededicated and Elder Norman was reinstalled as pastor into the Repairers of the Breach 11th Hour Sabbath day observers.

There have been a lot of test and trials along the way. But we are determined to do it Yah’s way. We yet are a growing assembly mighty in Yah. And now Almighty Yahweh has taken us to another level in his word! We thank Him and praise Him for revelation! And for the truth concerning the Sabbath Commandment (commonly called Saturday) and we rejoice in the Now!! Yes, for we are Now Commandment Keepers walking in all 10 of His commandments!

Through even deeper revelation, in 2006, we came to know for a fact that we are the people of the book commonly called the bible. We are now reaching even deeper into the wells of Revelation concerning the Almightys sacred name Yahweh and Yahshua! We have all taken on our Hebrew names mine being Eliachem which means Yah will establish. Abba (Father) we thank you for we've come to understand through the years that remnant does not mean “the many” but those “called out from the many” willing to not only hear but to do just as He said! Another year, another level every round goes higher and higher. HalleluYAH! (Praise ye Yah)!




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