The Hebrew Man

Have you ever wondered why we are at the bottom of everything? Why is it so hard for us to gain fair treatment as most nations have? Or have you just decided to accept life as it is and hope, one day, things will change for us? Do you know that other nations have a book that has their heritage and culture in it and how they go by their landmark [Book]? All nations have a History guide that they pretty much live by and are very different from us. But out of all the church we go to “our” lives are still not pleasing to our Creator. Have you ever wondered why? Did you know that the American Black man who is not a Nigerian nor an African which you are not, nor are you a natural born Muslim who are from the family of Ishmael, but are an Israelite being the seed of Abraham? Romans 11:1.

Because Abraham’s seed was prophesied to go into slavery which seed you are? Yes the one who is reading this pamphlet: Genesis 15:12-14, Acts 7:6 Our ancestors were slaves and our parents right down to us are their descendants. I bet you didn’t know this, did you? All nations have their Book but have you ever wondered where is your “Book”? Did you not know that your Book is the Bible? Sure it is. All the people of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are Blacks that were enslaved. So your Book is the Bible. It is your diary. It is your history, you are somebody and you come from a great Somebody.

Our Father Yahweh’s name was taken from the Bible and his name was substituted with titles like God, Lord. Read your Book and your history and be proud of who you are and where you came from, because our ancient family disobeyed Yahweh our Father, the curse fell on Abraham’s seed as well, [US] Deut. 30:1-6, Deut. 28:49-51, 64-68. All of this has happened to one nation of people upon the earth “US”, because we don’t know who we are and who our Father is, we are lost! All other nations know their God or deity. We should know our Father and walk in his name: Mich. 4:5. We disgrace ourselves living in our sins because we don’t know our Father in Heaven. We are out of touch with our “Book” [Bible]. Fine clothes, pretty women, nice car rims, money in our pocket is not our answer though it seems fit yet, what we possess is not our life: Luke 12:15.

Keeping Yahweh’s commandments and having fear of him is your whole duty: Eccl. 12:13. Though you may not fear him yet fear lurks all around you and sometimes life’s circumstances permits fear to overtake you. This also is Yahweh’s hand trying to draw you toward him, sometimes so you can know him. Then sometimes they come to destroy because you won’t seek him: Prov.1:26-30. The Black man is lost, he is out of touch with Israel [his people} and with his Savior Yahweh not God nor Christ which are slave master titles given to our ancestors around the 15-17th century to worship.



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